Component subassemblies

With vehicle systems becoming ever more complicated and therefore more comprehensive and costly to assemble, there is a growing demand for leaner solutions. That is why we offer you the possibility to outsource the time-consuming building of your subassemblies to us. We then set up an assembly line fully tailored and dedicated to your product and take full responsibility for inspection and testing.

Instead of having to buy individual parts separately before having them assembled manually by your staff, we purchase, inspect and stock all required parts. Next, we do the assembling and deliver completed components to the production line according to just-in-time schedules, packed and labeled to your specifications. In addition, we can manage the inventory levels of subassemblies at your plants.


  • Decreased inventory costs through receiving only required volumes
  • Reduced quality-related labor and costs due to responsibility shift
  • Faster time-to-market through reduced product lead times
  • Reduced waste by mitigating excess packaging and extraneous transportation