Linda-Marie Kluin


Trainee Construction Development


Plettenberg, Germany



During my studies I was often confronted with the classical stereotype of women being good housewives and mothers. This however did not stop me from wanting to work with technology.

I have been working at Nedschroef Plettenberg since 2010. My professional career began with a combined studies Bachelor of Engineering for which I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic while studying mechanical engineering
during the weekends. In my two years of training, I learned a lot about the production departments at Nedschroef and about metal technology.

After my apprenticeship, I continued working at Nedschroef in various other departments, such as quality engineering, production planning and control, and research and development. I completed my studies in the summer of 2015 and have been working in the development department ever since.

Now, I deal with requests, feasibility studies, preparation of drawings, tool designs and finite element method simulations on a daily basis. Next to this this I am also responsible for the apprentices in mechanical engineering that currently work at
Nedschroef Plettenberg.

I enjoy working at Nedschroef. My colleagues immediately accepted me in their team and are always very collegial and helpful. The work never gets boring. I wake up every morning, not knowing which new and interesting project or task is waiting for me.


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