María Luna


Customer Logistics Specialist


Barcelona, Spain



I began working at Nedschroef Barcelona in 1987 as a receptionist. In 1990 I grasped the opportunity to work at the raw material department, supporting the planning and drawing of wire. After another three years I started working at the logistics department and that is where I have remained ever since.

At first I primarily serviced customers in Spain, but after a few years I specialized in supplier logistics in general. I have continued working in this specialization for the last seventeen years. The relationships with suppliers and the planning of production are my main focus.

All these years I have loved working at Nedschroef, mostly due to my colleagues with whom I get along very well. Next to this, I also enjoy speaking with suppliers very much. With some of them I have a long history.


What I especially like when I am looking at the company is the great development of our plant over the last years. I am really proud of everything that we have achieved through combined effort.


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