Nedschroef Helmond B.V.


For over 100 years Nedschroef has continuously been engaged in the production of fasteners. The original business - the manufacturing of rivets for the shipbuilding industry -  started in 1894 in Helmond.


Gradually, Nedschroef switched to a more sophisticated range of products for other groups of customers and the Nedschroef Group was expanded through several acquisitions.

Nedschroef Weert B.V was founded in 1969 and became a member of the Nedschroef Group in 1981. In 2011 the Nedschroef Weert site activities and all its processes successfully moved into the factory on the existing Helmond site.


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nedschroef Helmond, the designation "Royal" was granted.





Nedschroef Helmond b.v
Kanaaldijk N.W. 71
Postbus 29
T  +31 492 589 111
F  +31 492 524 644



Facts & Figures
Founded in 1894
Turnover 2011: € 93 Million

Production: 700 million pieces,

                      (32000 tons in weight)
Employees:  300


With a current product range of over 1,800 different types of nuts and bolts, the company serves the automotive and (steel) construction industries.


The product ranges:

  • Cold formed bolts > M12 up to M30
  • Cold formed precision products: Nedshapes; custom-developed product-market combinations