Heat Resistant Fasteners

Smaller engines and advanced exhaust gas after treatment inevitably result in applications with elevated or high temperatures. The design of fastener connections at high temperatures require extra consideration as the joint needs to be correctly designed not only for clamping force but also for features like thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. The materials used for the fasteners, varies in both material type as well as in microstructure type. The most advanced and temperature resistant materials are in fact not steels, but Nickel-alloys and the full scale of materials cover austenitic, ferritic and martensitic microstructures where each structure type will offer its own unique set of mechanical and physical properties.

Nedschroef can offer a full range of these heat resistant products according to international standards as well as innovative solutions for cost efficient joining at high temperatures. New development is ongoing to find cost efficient low alloy solutions capable of withstanding medium range temperatures (exceeding recommended usage temperature of ISO898-1, but below 500°C)