Best Processes


To reach the highest standards of quality in a lean and safe production environment, Nedschroef is dedicated to developing the optimal processes from steel wire to ready to use fasteners and Nedshape parts.

We make the difference by looking to future developments in the market and that’s what enables Nedschroef to anticipate new market demands and even lead in high-end fastener solutions.


During the development of Cold Forging Processes our Engineers focus on the highest quality level attainable, optimal use of materials, energy and machine capacity which leads to world class products that also bring savings in valuable resources.

Heat Treatment

During the Development of the heat treatment processes we focus on the best practice and beyond. We are aware of the functional demands and risks related to heat treatment processes and consequently we keep focussed on maximising the quality levels, minimising risks and costs.


Although we don’t perform coating processes in-house, we have the knowledge, together with reliable partners, to develop the optimal coating processes for fasteners and Nedshape parts for expertise in materials, application, functionality and costs.





Design of optimal forming sequence and tools via FEM calculation models



Heat Treatment:

Design of optimal heat treatment processes for different materials




Development of coating systems for optimal corrosion resistance, friction and reliable assembly behavior