Metal clamping nuts




More often, the automotive industry reported assembling problems of nuts with an all-metal locking feature. With Nedlock, Nedschroef has found an innovative solution for this problem.

In order to come up with a solution, a new all-metal locking system needed to be designed to allow reliable assembly with all combinations and a reduction of the number of parts.

Nedlock’s segmentation is ‘bent’ slightly inwards which results in a radial tension in the segment region which behaves largely elastic. Because of this elasticity it is possible to screw Nedlock several times without leading to a complete loss of clamping torque or to cold-welding.

Nedlock outperforms other all-metal self-locking nuts due to its very low tendency to galling, e.g. on non-plated threaded parts. The plating of these parts will not easily be damaged.


  • Critical fittings on plain and cut bolt threads
  • Fittings up to 5 times according to ISO2320 standards
  • The corrosion resistance will not significantly change
  • Higher load than standard nuts



  • All-metal: no weak non-metallic inserts
  • Excellent clamping torque: ideal for fittings that need to be adjusted frequently due to their mounting position
  • Segmentation is bent slightly inwards