Thread forming fasteners


Nedtite ES


Thread forming fasteners are widely known in the automotive industry. Its thread form system is universally acknowledged as a major advancement in fastening technology. These screws form their own counter thread in a drilled, casted or deep drawn hole without further preparation.


Nedschroef developed a thread forming fastener called Nedtite ES which can be used in both steel and aluminium. Furthermore, the screws have a high torsional strength, which is important as the fastener is both a tapping tool as well as a fastener. Also, the thread form of the Nedtite ES meets ISO-metric or unified thread standards, thus allowing a rolled thread machine screw to be substituted if need be. Nedtite ES screws have a low thread forming torque without compromising the material exploitation (in terms of maximum achievable preload).


The thread forming capability provides a continual rolling action, which assists grain-flow as the fastener is inserted in the hole, and thus the thread geometry is perfectly matched to that of the mating hole. As a result, the jointed assembly is stronger and more durable.



  • Low thread forming torques
  • Energy saver due to low torques
  • Formed counter thread is also suitable for standard metric screws
  • High clamp loads




  • Vibration proof
  • No cross-threading
  • Better mating threads
  • Applicable in steel and aluminium
  • Reduction of in-place costs
  • No need for tapping counter thread