Weight saving hexalobular drives


Nedstar ES

Hexalobular driven bolts offer many advantages in comparison with hexagon flange head bolts, most importantly a significant reduction in weight and an improved lifetime of the sockets. However, these bolts also have one big disadvantage which is a higher head height. Nedstar ES is developed to overcome this problem.


Studies have shown that the disadvantage of the higher head heights can be solved with a reduction of the hexalobular drives. Nedschroef therefore developed Nedstar ES: a hexalobular driven bolt with a low head hight which can save weight up to 40%.


Calculation studies further showed that using Nedstar ES - instead of hexalobular and hexagon drives – a weight saving of 1.4 kg per car can be established.



  • Weight reduction
  • Resistant to high-tightening torques
  • Less space required
  • Compatible with standardised external hexalobular drives