Thursday January 7 2016

Nedschroef Truck in Action @ Dakar 2016

Once again, we are supporting the Schoones Dakar team this year and we are currently roaring at the preliminary 32nd place. We have successfully completed the Stage # 4 of the races.

Stage # 1
The event started with heavy rain, and the  stage # 1 of the Dakar Rally was cancelled due to flooding in parts of the stage from Rosario to Villa Carlos Paz.


Stage # 2
Even though the Stage # 2 started with fog with a mission to travel 800 km ( From Termas de Rio hondo to Villa Carlos Paz) . The terrain was hilly having tropical heats and water havocs from rain. As said by Gert-Jan "Echt een proef voor rally rijders,". End of the day, our truck finish at 28th place.


Stage # 3
This took place between Termas de Rio Hondo and San Salvador de Jujuy. The route was 663 kilometers long. However the route was shortened to 190 km out of 314  km due to heavy rainfall. The special stage in the truck was cancelled primarily due to heavy rainfall, but still went through, and we finished in 30th place.


Stage # 4
Even though the day started with rainfall, the race went on. Our team travelled over 642 km from San Salvador to Jujuy and finished in 32nd place.


Stage 5: Jujuy -> Uyuni
Today, Nedschroef team will travel around 327 km in parts.
• Marathon 1 - Part 2: No repairs made after the previous stage
• Marathon 1- Part 2: were not made repairs after the previous stage


In few hours this race will start and you can follow them live on the apps:




We decided to support SchoonesDakar, to give express to our claim “one step ahead …” by means of exposing our products to the highest conditions, showing competitiveness and market leadership. With the help of Nedschroef, the SchoonesDakar team will hopefully stay "one ‎step ahead …" of their competitors and achieve their ambitious objectives.