Tuesday January 13 2015

Nedschroef Supports Two Charity Projects

Every year, Nedschroef supports two charity projects which are suggested by employees Last year, the Board of Directors had asked the Holding colleagues to come up with suggestions for Charity Projects that are somehow related to themselves or to their friends or families. 

Three projects were been sent by our Nedschroef employees:

Gambia & Poland
Their work consists of collecting goods and hand these over personally to the people they select, as well as renovation work, painting etc. with the help of local people

Stichting Hulphond
Stichting Hulphond provides specially trained dogs that help people with medical and therapeutic needs in and around the house

Dutch Red Cross - Dutch Radio 3FM
This year Dutch Red Cross will help out women and young girls in war zones that have been victimized by violence and sexual harassment.
In 2015, Nedschroef will support, the first two projects, i.e. Gambia & Poland and Stichting Hulphond. Also, the third project (Dutch Red Cross - Dutch Radio 3FM) will be fully supported by CEO, Mathias Hüttenrauch, privately.