Wednesday February 17 2016

Nedschroef’s Christmas Charity Program 2016

Every year, we like to give thoughts to the people who aren’t so lucky in this world. Therefore, as a tradition, Nedschroef supports two charity projects each year that are suggested by our colleagues. Also this year, the Board of Directors has asked the Holding colleagues to come up with suggestions for Charity Projects that are somehow related to themselves or to their friends or families. 

The charitable projects were chosen by our Board of Directors from the suggestions sent in by you.  The charitable project changes every year. Instead of Christmas gifts for holding employees, it was decided to support charitable programs for good cause.

4 projects which have been sent by our Nedschroef colleagues. Wanna help Foundation  (Amit Biswas), Go for Africa (Lianne Martens), ’Werkgroep 72  (Marcel van Neer) and ‘’Inloophuis De Cirkel (Jacqueline Schrijver) .The 2 projects mentioned below were selected by our management.


Werkgroep ’72 - Indonesia
This project is mainly run by Dutch expats in Jakarta. The expats helping children living in poverty by supporting them in education and medical support. But they also organize an annual outing for the children. Nedschroef is supporting this Charity Project with € 1.500 euro. (see for more information the PPS document and

Inloophuis  The Circle
Inloophuis  The Circle is a community center for people who suffer(ed )from cancer and for their nearest and dearest. The Circle is located in Helmond and wants to help people who are dealing with this terrible disease, no matter in what stage and regardless the type of prospect. You can easily walk in for a cup of coffee and a small talk. You will be welcomed by professional hosts and you can meet other people who share the same as you. Various activities will be organized, like yoga, painting, company visits,  cycling tours, lectures by medical experts, etc. etc. This community center is not subsidized and fully  dependent from grants and sponsorships.


Nedschroef is supporting this Charity Project with € 1.500 euro. For more information: also check


Our CEO, Dr. Hüttenrauch will contribute on personal title by donating another € 500,- to both projects. The Board of Directors is thanking everyone who contributed by sending in the Charity Projects.