Wednesday March 2 2016

International Internship at Heat Treatment Department

Recently, students from the U.S., Spain, and the United Kingdom joined an Internship program at Nedschroef Helmond B.V. from engineering and design backgrounds. 

They joined the Heat Treatment Department with the aim to solve problems with the furnace loading process to improve customer satisfaction. The team did a great job and successfully completed the project.

After completing the internship, the team stated ”We were given the opportunity to present our project's process to those involved within the company as well as our classmates and teachers from Avans Hogeschool. Our presentation seemed to be a success- our supervisors were pleased and our teachers and peers were impressed with what we had accomplished so far”

Picture from left to right:
Esther van Beek (Nedschroef), Michelle Gaedke, Rachel Hook, Jesús Andres-Cabañas Rodrigo, James O'Brien


At Nedschroef we offer you a gateway to hands-on practice in the form of apprenticeship places, basic internships, mandatory internships, or within the scope of a practical semester for different phases of the study. In addition, at the end of your course of study you can prepare your final dissertation or thesis in cooperation with us in the company.