Wednesday March 30 2016

Special Visitors for Plant Tour @ Nedschroef

On Friday, March 11, we welcomed 14 people from The Circle. We had specially organized "Mens day" for patients. We started our program with coffee and cake in the historic room. 

While our guests enjoyed the drinks in this special atmosphere , Alfons Vogels informed everyone about the rich history of Nedschroef. Alfons, who have been working for Nedschroef for 46 years now, caught immediately everybody’s attention with his vivid and humoristic way of telling Nedschroef’s story. After this introduction to our guests prepared themselves for the next step in our program and headed towards Nedschroef Helmond where Rianne Hens welcomed everyone.


After watching the safety video Rianne guided the men through the plant. There was a lot of interest for this tour and the people were very impressed.


All in all, it was a successful, informative and joyful day.
From now on our guests from and around Helmond will never look the same at our premises when they pass by as they have seen what all happened behind the scenes !!