Wednesday April 20 2016

Our Apprentices visited our new plant Nedschroef Beckingen GmbH

Few weeks ago, the apprentices from the plant Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH went to visit the apprentices in Beckingen. After a brief introduction, the apprentices got the chance to introduce themselves and to talk about their experiences.

They learned that all of the apprentices from Beckingen are in an engineering apprenticeship whilst apprentices from Fraulautern are from both, engineering and industrial department. They had the chance to visit their trainee workshop which was a big advantage because it could be a possibly to use it in future, too.


After the plant tour, they had lunch together. Back at the training workshop, they gave them presents to welcome them at the Nedschroef Group. It was a very nice day and they learned a lot about the plant Beckingen and its history and met very friendly people. Furthermore, They invited the apprentices to visit us in Fraulautern. Apprentices are all looking forward to a good cooperation in the future.