Wednesday May 4 2016

Team of Nedschroef Apprentices Won the Stock Exchange Game

Plan, Act, Win

The stock exchange business game is an exciting online competition, where pupils and students increase their virtual capital on the stock exchange. It is traded with the market prices of real stock market places.

“Learning by doing”: Simulated security trade deepens economic grounding and imparts stock market knowledge. The business game is a practical supplement to the knowledge transfer in school and university. 


Furthermore, the 10-weeks competition also promotes beside the Teamwork. Throughout Europe teams from five countries take part.
The students from the KBBZ Dillingen also took part this year again with big joy in the stock exchange business game.

We called ourselves „Nobody“ and were a group of 4 girls from different training companies. After a neck-and-neck we became the winning team in the area of Saarlouis and on the Saarland schools.