Wednesday May 22 2013

Exclusive Nedschroef gifts for valued customers, suppliers, partners and employees

Building strong, trusted relationships with suppliers, special customers, partners and employees have always been one of the core focus in Nedschroef.

From now on, Nedschroef will value special customers, suppliers other partners and employees every year with an exclusive thank you. As Europe’s number ONE automotive supplier, Nedschroef this year has chosen one of the best sports cars on the market – new Porsche 911 as an exclusive gift. Nedschroef supplies solution for exhaust system of the new Porsche 911.


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Each of the 50 exclusive cars were designed by Mrs. Aysun Durum, a Nedschroef employee from the Nuts, Stampings & Sub-Assemblies competence center. Each of the cars is one of a kind and showcases detailed pieces of art based on the theme of “China”. As we open our new manufacturing plant in Kunshan, China was chosen as the overall theme for designing the cars.