Wednesday May 25 2016

Nedschroef Exploring Virtual Reality

Nedschroef Marketing Communication team is proud to introduce to you our very own Virtual Reality experience. Over the last few months, the team was dedicated to the concept development till bringing the VR experience to reality.

Nedschroef Virtual Reality experience has been developed especially for events such as Tech shows and Fairs in order to attract current / prospect customers. In the virtual reality experience, you will be able to experience the world of Nedschroef. In this 360 degree world of Nedschroef, you will experience driving through deserts, sea side and through a futuristic city. Also, meantime, you can check out few of our products per application area. At the end of the VR experience, you will enter an open air cinema where you can view our Nedschroef Corporate Video.

Currently, we are exploring the possibilities with VR as it provides a completely new dimension to customers, suppliers and employees. This is a very unique way of informing our customers about our products and capabilities by involving them in an unforgettable journey. All you need a smartphone, which runs at least on iOS8 or on android KitKat 44.


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Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

In coming years to come, we will continue to develop new tools in order to benchmark with OEM level. We hope you will enjoy using our new Virtual Reality experience as much as we've enjoyed making it.