Tuesday May 26 2015

Girl´s Day – For the first time at Nedschroef Fraulautern

We are a truly international company, we have daily contact with many different people and cultures. This diversity is also reflected in our workforce. Our working environments are open to all, regardless of people’s health, disabilities, gender or age.  We believe diversity makes us stronger and better.

In line with German Government’s initiative “Girl’s Day” to encourage girls to in technical profession, Nedschroef arranged Girl’s day as well. On 23rd of April, the young ladies not only visited the plants and observed the whole processes, but also they also had the possibilities to do something on their own.

In Fraulautern, Two young ladies, Michelle is 13 from 9th grade of a local secondary school and Thanaporn is 17 and an exchange student visited the plant. Our colleague, Daniela Weiler-Bickelmann hosted the whole program where the young ladies were explained what happens after we get a request for new screws beginning from tooling, design, production, and delivery.

End of the day, Michelle and Thanaporn were very enthusiastic, as they did their first day of work in their life. Nedschroef we will continue to participate in such hands on interactive event, after all, Gain first-hand, on-the-job experience of exactly how our international fastener business works and made us the best in this industry.