Saturday June 15 2013

Nedschroef Fraulautern celebrates 200 yrs of state of the art fastener manufacturing

It all began 200 years ago, a young man named Johann Baptiste Strouvelle started manufacturing of spoons and dishes in some rooms of the old monastery, Fraulautern

Later on, the enterprise was sold several times during the last centuries, at the end in 1996 to the Nedschroef Group. Since then, Nedschroef Fraulautern is leading in automotive fastener industry and until now a reliable partner of all relevant  OEMs.

But, we would have never succeeded without our staff. Several generations of employees, starting from grandfathers, fathers, mothers or had worked here and encouraged them to apply for a job at Nedschroef.

Today, 15th June, 2013, Nedschroef Fraulautern will mark this day by a open day with its employees and their families, dignitaries and people from Fraulautern.