Tuesday August 11 2015

Nedschroef Langeskov Aps is now even more environmental friendly

Several hundred light sources daily light up our production and storage areas and by changing to modern and energy-efficient LED tubes we were able to achieve both financial and environmental savings.

By replacing approximately 500 traditional fluorescent tubes with LED tubes and converting the old fittings to the new LED standard, our annual power consumption has been halved to approx. 77,000 kWh and our CO2 emission has been reduced by around 42 tons. As a very significant added bonus the level of light has been increased by 33%, from 150 to 200 lux, which means a greater level of safety and, in particular, improved working environment conditions for the operators when producing and checking high quality products.

The new LED tubes come with a 5 year guarantee and have a burning efficiency of at least 50,000 hours whereas the old tubes only had a burning efficiency of approx. 15,000 hours. In addition to this, there is no loss of luminous intensity or color in the new tubes throughout their lifespan.

This has been an affordable investment and with the energy subsidy from the state, the return on investment period will be around 1 .5 years. Add to this lower maintenance costs due to longer burning efficiency. This is yet another example of how environmental improvements can pay off.