Tuesday September 1 2015

Small Stories for Every Children of Our Employees

It’s known to everyone that reading stories to kids is important for their education. Reading to children, inspire imagination, opens up new worlds and other cultures, and is ultimately the key to education. Nevertheless only 47 % of the working parents is reading to their children on regular base.

Recently, our Nedschroef plant in Fraulautern joined the project called “My Dad Reads” by the “Stiftung Lesen”. We will share every week a small story for you as mother or father to read to your child. Together, the parents can discover the world of stories, books and develop their children in their everyday life.


At Nedschroef, we continuously work to match personal aspirations with the needs of the business, supporting our people to drive their own careers. At the same time, we ensure all our employee are doing well in personal family lives as well. Working at Nedschroef is more than just a job.