Tuesday September 15 2015

Visit to Saarstahl AG by our apprentices

Few weeks ago, our apprentices and some employees of the Purchasing and HR Department visited one of our supplier, Saarstahl AG

Our apprentices and employees were welcomed by the guide and introduced the plant's work. So, he explained Saarstahl's philosophy: "An employee doesn't need to be afraid of making a mistake, it's more important to be honest and to admit to having made a mistake." – Which is similar to our philosophy as well at Nedschroef.The apprentices were shown the stunning entire plant of Saarstahl and the complete production process, quality control to delivery process. During this interactive all the apprentices got the chance to see in person how our suppliers are working and producing to supply us crucial materials.

At Nedschroef, regular apprenticeship training is scheduled as well as interesting practical projects and attendant directed revision. We have been educating apprentices for more than 50 years and we are looking for young dedicated and enthusiastic people who like to combine theory with practice.

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