Monday October 27 2014

Nedschroef Group is now managing over 2.8 million document absolutely paperless

Every year Nedschroef Group receives a huge volume of incoming documents, invoices. All our Center of Competence plants received annually up to 200,000 invoices and delivery notes, which amounts to 600,000 pages of paper approximately.

Paper-based processes were increasing costs, hindering transparency, required a lot of time and hence, dulling business agility at Nedschroef over years.


To meet this flood of documentation, this paper based processing system is now digitized globally by IBM document management system. Since moving to this advanced electronic system for collecting, processing and archiving have not only reduced time and costs, but also improved the response time to the suppliers. Most importantly, this solution is another milestone towards Nedschroef’s persistence to be become more efficient and environment friendly company.

This tailor made solution will ensure consistent approach by all the locations, production plants, and sales offices. Currently, more 2.8 million documents are being archived paperless. Currently, all incoming documents such as invoices, delivery notes all are being scanned upon arrival and stored digitally. Nedschroef will continue to move towards more efficient digital communication and data management system.