Wednesday November 1 2017

Cultivation of talent at Nedschroef



In the summer of 2017, Nedschroef selected a new group of top talented employees to take part in its second, annually recurring, corporate development program (CDP). A special CDP day was organized to officially welcome participants to the program.

This edition’s CDP participants originate from eight different countries and have expertise in seven functional areas. For the occasion, all of them traveled to Büren (Germany), where the brand new office and production facility of the recently acquired engineering company CP resides. This enabled participants to experience CP’s business activities in real-life and meet some of their new colleagues face-to-face.

During the day CEO Mathias Hüttenrauch briefed participants on the objectives of the program and brought them up to speed about the latest corporate developments. Afterwards, participants were given the opportunity to fire key questions at Hüttenrauch during a Q&A session. Additionally, they attended a training in the field of personal leadership, which is one of the mandatory educational parts of the program.

The CDP offers an education course consisting of several management and functional trainings for participants to strengthen their skills and expertise. To contribute to Nedschroef’s long-term success, this course is combined with creative workshops in which they team up to generate ideas that help anticipate business challenges. Moreover, the relationships formed throughout the program are an invaluable asset to their career.

After their first inspiring meetup, the CDPers were highly enthusiastic about the program and very much looking forward to more training, discovering and networking with colleagues.