Celebrating 125 years of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and dedication

July 4, 2019

When thinking about Nedschroef, one word comes into mind: connections. And that has been true for more than 125 years. Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch, CEO of Nedschroef, underlined in his speech on the occasion of Nedschroef’s 125 anniversary celebration that technical connections, connections with customers and partners as well as connections with people are the basis of Nedschroef’s success, today and in the future.

The celebration of the event took place at the historical theatre Het Speelhuis in Helmond together with 320 guests by appreciating the company’s history and present as well as giving a view on Nedschroef’s future, with a fantastic show before the evening event. Mathias Hüttenrauch emphasized the merits of the founding family Van Thiel for the Nedschroef company and explained the strategic path that the company is on with its 4F strategy and its activities in the field of digitization as well as Industry 4.0. ’The world goes digital,’ Mathias Hüttenrauch said, and he described the scenario of the future with emission free cars, autonomous driving and smart homes.

The event impressed guests in many ways, with one highlight being the presence of members of the Van Thiel family, Eugene van Thiel and Marc van Thiel, who is working at Nedschroef’s location in Herentals. In her greetings, Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel, mayor of Helmond, emphasized that Nedschroef is an important part of the town’s heritage and a part of its DNA. 'Not many companies look into the future like Nedschroef always did'. ‘Thousands of useful innovations exist due to Nedschroef.’ Handing over a flag of North-Brabant as a present to Mathias Hüttenrauch, the Commissioner of the King of the region of North-Brabant, Prof. Dr. Van de Donk, underlined that the royal Nedschroef company has taken up the responsibility of being one of the top companies that are deeply rooted in this region. The final speaker, Alexander Ng, CFO of Shanghai Prime Machinery Company (PMC), stressed that PMC firmly believes in the global success of Nedschroef which is representing an important strategic platform in Europe for PMC.

After also having received a present from the employees of Nedschroef Fraulautern, Berlin and Beckingen, Mathias Hüttenrauch underlined in his final words that all the success would have never been possible without the support of the dedicated people of Nedschroef. ‘Never give up is the message taken from Nedschroef’s history,’ he says, ‘and that is how we will continue with our future.’

Successful open day with 1,200 visitors
To celebrate the achievements of the Nedschroef staff and especially the production facility in Helmond being the first location of the company, an open day took place there, which attracted over 1,200 visitors. Employees and their family and friends from Helmond as well as from other locations took the opportunity to experience what happens on the premises and to enjoy the entertainment show during the day. Even here, ‘connections’ were in the focus by bringing employees and people as well as know-how from the Nedschroef Group together for celebration.