Our customers include the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

We provide OEMs and their suppliers with the parts they need to manufacture vehicles and vehicle components.

As we serve practically all major automotive brands and their tier suppliers in the industry, our products are found in most passenger cars and commercial vehicles driving the streets.

Your products are unique, but nonetheless all held together by similar connecting elements. They require standard fasteners, specially engineered parts, component subassemblies or a combination. We offer superior quality product solutions to every automotive fastening challenge.

To enhance your assembly process and end-product, you can use our engineering expertise and resources. Whether you are facing a design or optimization challenge, we advise on and deliver the right solution.

Before our products are ready for shipment to the customer, they have gone through a series of different production processes. Applied to most parts are subsequently cold forming, thread manufacturing, heat treatment, surface treatment, testing and sorting, and packaging.

Your assembly line can only run smoothly when you can blindly trust your suppliers to deliver flawless quality. That is why quality control throughout the manufacturing process is our top most priority.

Receiving technical training in the field of cold forming and fastening technology can help you better understand their possibilities and restrictions. Your increased knowledge will enable you to create product designs with optimal joints right from the start.

Our competencies do not end with developing and producing high quality parts. We can also service your organization with supply chain management support. Having us take care of all your C-parts will reduce the complexity and total costs of your operation.


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