We strive to make tomorrow a better place for all stakeholders. In this, we are guided by our sustainability policy which rests on three fundamental pillars, namely people, planet and profit. Our management structure and processes support this policy and ensure we comply with customer, environmental and legal requirements.


  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace with equal opportunities for our employees and partners, we control and improve our standards systematically.
  • Employees, contractors and visitors deserve to be in a safe and healthy environment with skilled people, proper equipment and facilities and responsible behavior.
  • Our high level of ethical standards, legal compliance, data protection, privacy, equal opportunities and human rights standards form the basis of our business.


  • To minimize our ecological footprint, we cooperate with stakeholders and apply technological innovations.
  • Our cold forming technology offers a sustainable advantage compared to manufacturing processes that involve removal of material.
  • We have been using recycled material for our production for decades and our products can be fully recycled.
  • We test and apply new technological developments as we consider it to be vital to switch from fossil energy to yet unknown sustainable alternatives.
  • Our current management systems are continuously contributing to the reduction of our energy and water consumption as well as our waste.
  • We strive to collaborate throughout the supply chain as well as with local communities to reduce environmental impact and learn from each other.


  • To continuously improve our productivity and efficiency, we reduce our environmental impact, and costs related to it.
  • Continuous improvement of productivity and efficiency of our products, processes, services, solutions and supply chain are deeply integrated into our lean systems.
  • Our flow production helps to reduce the eight wastes of lean, and to create an agile organization that can serve customers better.

Sustainability Report 2021

  • We want to increases accountability and enhances transparency on our contribution to sustainable development and disclose the most significant impacts on the economy, environment, and people, including impacts on human rights.
  • Our Sustainability Report is prepared with reference to the GRI Universal Standards from 2021 and selected Topic Standards.

ISO Certificates
ISO 14001 - ISO 45001 - ISO 50001

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