Working with us

Give us your talent, commitment and hard work and we’ll give you a challenging and rewarding career in a dynamic business environment.

Join us and learn what it means to work at a global industrial company renowned for its reliability and integrity.

Our company is a place where people from many countries come together, learn from each other and strengthen our performance. Worldwide, we not only connect products and processes, but also people and cultures, celebrating our differences as well as what we have in common.

Our culture

Over the decades we have built trust with many well-known brands across the globe. Our work for them is important, as our reliability has an impact on their everyday business. Being well aware of that, our employees are passionate about their job, and take great pride in it. Since we never take our customers’ trust for granted, we cultivate a strong sense of integrity. This means we always strive to be transparent, honest, sincere and discrete in our communication with them, as well as within our workforce.

Each of our employees is a valued member of our global team, contributing unique insights and skills. We embrace their diversity and foster collaboration between them. In addition, we welcome transformation and look at new ideas with an open mind. We also encourage our people to engage their talents in engineering, entrepreneurship and efficiency. These factors combined enable us to address our customers' most challenging issues.

Development opportunities

We strongly believe that investing in our employees and their personal development is mutually beneficial. Therefore, we give you the time, opportunity and support you need to develop your knowledge and skills. To facilitate personal growth, we have established our own Nedschroef Academy. It offers a variety of learning courses, ranging from classroom training to online education.