Technical training

Gain valuable knowledge in assembly technology and become an expert in fastening to design your products with the right joining solutions from the very beginning.

Our goal is to improve the capabilities of not only our own engineers, but the customers’ as well. That is why our training center in Belgium offers formal learning courses about everything related to fastening. This includes but is not limited to engineering principles, manufacturing processes, property classes and product features.

We offer learning courses on different skill levels that can cover the following subjects:

  • Basic and technical introduction to fasteners
  • Materials for cold forming
  • Property classes of bolts and nuts according to ISO 898
  • Fastener thread and drive types
  • Fastener coatings and corrosion protection
  • Torque tightening procedures
  • Friction on fasteners
  • Design of bolted joints according to VDI 2230 Part 1
  • Temperature resistant fasteners
  • Aluminum fasteners
  • Thread-forming screws
  • Ultra-high-strength fasteners
  • Calculation of minimum thread engagement
  • Calculation of clamp load and tightening torque
  • Ultrasonic tightening with Nedsonic
  • Fasteners for e-mobility purposes
  • Products like Nedpoint, Nedtite and Nedstar