Product solutions

We are a manufacturer and distributor of metal parts specifically for the aviation industry.

Our parts include nuts, bolts, rivets, inserts and studs, and are used in many application areas within commercial airliners. We have the equipment needed to make products in house, but are also experienced in procuring the parts from other suppliers.

Catalog products
Whether your company is an OEM or MRO, chances are you require only small or medium volumes of parts in order to operate. We eliminate the need for you to purchase large quantities, because we keep stock of most parts we produce. This enables us to supply products directly from our inventory and quickly deliver them to you whenever needed.

Aviation certified
To comply with industry standards and regulations we are able to manufacture products from all materials customary to the industry. These for example include titanium, carbon and stainless steel, aluminum and Inconel®. In addition, we can apply a wide range of typical finishes via our network of coating suppliers.

Strategic partnership
With global air travel ever increasing, opportunities arise for aviation OEMs and MROs to ramp up their business. With decades of experience in logistic processes, manufacturing and project management, we know firsthand what it takes to meet every demand of growing customers. You can rest assured that our processes are fully geared to effectively support mass production.