Technical training

Our goal is to improve the capabilities of not only our own technical staff, but our customer’s engineers and operators as well.

Our training center in Belgium offers formal learning programs that cover people, processes and products. They incorporate various learning methods including instructor-led training, online courses, theory classes, seminars, and hands-on training. These programs provide the right knowledge and skills to operate, troubleshoot and maintain our products at customer sites.

Onsite training
We provide tailored onsite training to enable you to quickly start understanding and using our technology. This keeps downtime to a minimum and eliminates the potential for errors in tooling adjustment and early use.

Refresher courses
We recognize that needs and personnel change over time, and as such we make sure that all your operators are fully up to date by providing regular refresher courses on best practice to ensure you make optimal use of our machines, so that they are always delivering peak performance.

Training seminars
We organize bi-annual 3-day training seminars during which our expert trainers provide comprehensive theory classes to our customers. These classes are useful for tooling engineers of varying experience. When it comes to making fasteners or other cold formed parts, our experienced engineers provide attendees with essential information to help them create extra value from their machines.

Custom sessions
Customers are also welcome to pay a scheduled visit to the demonstration facility at our training center in Belgium. There, they can attend customized hands-on training sessions. Using our own machines, these sessions combine theory and practice to boost accuracy and productivity.

Calculation tools
In addition, we provide self-programmed software tools for the development and optimization of tools to increase their lifespan and accuracy.