Metal forming machines

Metal forming machines

For many decades we have been building premium metal forming machines and supplying them to metal parts manufacturers worldwide.

Today, our product portfolio includes conventional mechanical cam-operated machines as well as the latest in servo-driven machines. In addition, we offer hybrid variants that combine mechanical kinematics with servo technology.

Our range of machines includes:

  • Multi-station cold and warm forming machines
  • Straightening machines
  • Cutting machines

Versatile machinery
Our multi-station machines come with a range of standard features and have a modular setup. This enables our customers to equip their machines with exactly those features they need to meet their specific requirements. Cutting-edge technology In our latest multi-die and multi-station machine models we incorporate direct-drive servo motors for a variety of purposes. These high-performance, programmable motors offer unparalleled advantages in terms of accuracy, productivity, reproducibility of proven settings, as well as flexibility in forming abilities and production volumes. You can rely on our support when it comes to programming them to work best for you.

The benefits of using servo technology are gained through:

  • Shorter changeover time
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Optimized part handling
  • Increased transfer capability
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Less component wearing
  • Easier operating interface

Tailor-made solutions
Our machines can be ordered directly from our catalog. Yet, in most cases customers come to us with a specific request, asking for products and services tailored to their needs. As we completely design and build our machinery in-house, we are able to provide solutions meeting your exact requirements. Our people will work with you to not only determine the ideal setup of your machinery, but also the right tools and services to go with it.

Support throughout
We strive to build lasting relationships with every one of our customers. Therefore we have an experienced team of inhouse engineers who are experts in both machinery and tooling. They enable us to offer you support in the orientation and development phase, right through to product delivery, as well as an extensive range of after sales services.

Building exceptional machines is one thing, but maintaining their excellent performance levels over extended periods of time is also part of what we strive to do. To support our customers we are keeping their machines in perfect shape, up to date and optimal for use. Additionally, we offer a wide range of complementary services. These include tool design and sourcing, remote and onsite support, retrofitting and reconditioning, training and education, as well as spare parts delivery.

We design and deliver tailored precision tools for use in cold and warm forming machinery.

Our technical support specialists make sure our machines in your factories are running smoothly.