Design consulting

Fuel your new product development projects with our expert knowledge of connecting joints, assembly technology, functional applications and manufacturing processes.

More is expected from technology than ever before. Developing a vehicle or component to meet the market’s increasing demands therefore remains a challenging task. When designing your product to deliver competitive advantage, concentrating on fasteners from the very beginning can make all the difference. That is exactly what we can support you with.

When providing design consultancy, our application engineers and sales people work closely together to perfectly align our joining solutions to your needs. They both quickly familiarize themselves with your project and take the time to fully understand your application. This enables us to provide expert advice on materials, tolerances and optimized conditions for assembly.

Combined with prototyping and testing, our recommendations help you avoid implementing unnecessary complex and costly solutions into your designs. Your assembly process will be leaner, using fewer fasteners. That is thanks to the standardization of drives, dimensions, surfaces and property classes, as well as the integration of functionality.


  • Lower total-cost-of-ownership of your end-product
  • On-demand access to specialist fastening knowledge
  • Faster time-to-market through optimized assembly
  • Use of the most sophisticated joining technology

Resident service
Sometimes, a more intensive collaboration can be desired to increase the value and quality of your end product. You can then choose to structurally post one of our resident engineers at your location. Combining mechanical and commercial expertise, this person offers dedicated and application-oriented consulting throughout the design phase.

A resident engineer is your single point of contact with our team, resulting in effective communication and a helicopter view on total cost management. This onsite representative can be instructed to provide the necessary data and feedback on request or proactively and is always fully prepared to help resolve any issues quickly.

Involving a resident engineer from the start of development can ensure that potential issues are identified at an early stage, so that they can be prevented as much as possible. Having an outside perspective, this person also often spots opportunities that might have been overlooked otherwise.