Tooling solutions

With over three decades of machine tooling experience, we have a built up a solid reputation for delivering premium quality tools, within a limited time frame and at competitive prices. As we design and construct our own range of metal forming machines as well, we have the best possible knowledge of the tools that are used with them.

Our machine tools include all necessary tooling for the cold or warm forming of your parts. We manufacture segmented dies, which are a praised specialty in our portfolio. Other products that showcase our craftsmanship are reducing dies, trimming dies and punches, transfer dies and straight dies. The inhouse production techniques we apply to make these tools include wire and zinc EDM, hobbing, turning and grinding.

Custom tooling
We design and deliver customized tools exactly according to your requirements to perfectly match your specific needs. Often these include supplying the tools within a period of one month, which is something that comes natural to us. Our rapid delivery even extends to costly and complex tools that usually require a much longer waiting period.

Expert advice
Choosing the right tool properties is made easy with our expert advice on functional design, material selection and product finishing. Our tooling experts will work with you to find just the right tooling solution for you to be able to produce your desired part. This makes that our machine tools are used for hundreds of applications across a wide range of industries worldwide, including automotive, aviation and construction.

Guaranteed quality
The materials that form the basis of our machine tools, we source from a reliable network of only renowned suppliers of carbide and steel. The design and manufacturing of our tools including material hardening and quality control, is performed in a controlled inhouse environment by our team of expert tooling engineers. These factors combined guarantee the consistent and unrivalled accuracy and durability of our tools.

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