Product teardown

Recharge your existing product designs with insights gained from a product teardown and discover the surprising difference a single fastener can make.

Fasteners and other C-parts are indispensable for the reliability and functionality of vehicles. Yet, their effect is still often underestimated during the design phase, leaving unexploited many opportunities to reduce costs and add value to a product’s components. By reassessing your existing product design, we can bring forward potential optimizations.

When conducting a product teardown, our application engineers systematically disassemble your product into single parts. Every inch of them is examined to understand their application and identify their operating requirements and applicable standards. In the process we aim to uncover any cost-saving and quality improvement possibilities. This either means providing the same solutions for less, or better ones at the same or lower costs.

Based on our value analysis findings we present you with a detailed report and live presentation of our optimization proposals. This includes a technical verification of cost-saving estimations and projected results. With this information you can make cost-effective and strategic decisions related to the joints in your existing product.

Cost reduction opportunities
During teardowns we focus on the fasteners and methods used to assemble the product. Often, we find a broad spectrum of parts in the same product, high-strength fasteners in applications that require only low-strength or custom parts in applications in which standard products would suffice. All are opportunities for cost savings.

Most optimization potential we find in standardizing and consolidating parts, which are both focused on reducing the number of parts used. Yet, standardization is about reducing the number of variants as much as possible, whereas consolidation concerns combining multiple parts into fewer parts with the same functionality.

Our teardown service involves a careful analysis and consolidation of your bills of materials and parts lists to ensure joint performance is maintained, whilst minimizing the number of fastener parts. This service helps to reduce inventory and all associated hidden costs.


  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Quicker assembly rates
  • Optimized bills of materials