Quality assurance

In aircraft manufacturing safety comes first. That is why exhaustive testing is part of the design and production process of every commercial airliner before it is allowed to enter into service. The same goes for even the smallest parts a plane contains, such as fasteners. Therefore, we subject our products to a stringent testing procedure.

Testing laboratory
We have a Nadcap-accredited laboratory specially equipped for testing purposes. There, our engineering experts perform a series of stress tests on randomly selected samples of the parts we produce. With these tests we verify properties like bend, shear and strain resistance, to ensure they meet the highest industry standards and quality requirements.

Quality certification
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 9100 certified in the field of manufacturing fasteners for the aviation industry. This certificate we hold, accredits that we have established and maintain a quality management system according to its standard. To ensure we continuously meet this standard, the German DAKKS accreditation body periodically conducts audits at our aviation production facility.

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