Logistics solutions

Reduce the complexity of getting delivered your C-parts where you need them.

Running your logistics operations efficiently takes considerable time and resources. It also requires the use of current information technology and investments in scanning equipment, racking systems and modern mechanical handling equipment. Opting to outsource non-core processes like warehousing and transport can keep your employees from having to shift focus to supporting activities.

We can develop, build, run and measure sustainable logistics solutions located closely to your operations, that offer support tailored to your challenges. Partnering with us means we help you manage the complete logistics life cycle of your C-parts. This not only frees up resources, but also reduces complexity, while improving cashflow.

Our logistics services include:

  • Warehouse storage with disposition and security stock management
  • Vendor managed inventory and consignment
  • Incoming goods inspection and Q-walls
  • Packing, repacking and container management
  • Kitting and subassembly
  • Carrier management and consolidated shipment
  • Kanban deliveries, line feeding and just-in-time supply sequencing
  • Payment-on-production and self-billing