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We are eager to introduce you to some of our employees by sharing their stories. Explore the incredible range of people who make up our workforce and learn more about the variety of professions within our company.
Isabell Hutter

Isabell Hutter

Manager Project Management, Schozberg (Germany)

“In 2014 I started working for Nedschroef Schrozberg with my apprenticeship as industrial clerk.
During the first 3 years I have worked in different departments of our company, where I learned a lot about our processes and the production of cold formed parts. My target was to work directly with our customers and so I got the chance to start as Project Manager responsible for requests, calculation and the complete APQP process until serial production. 


It is very interesting to have both the technical and commercial parts together in this job and so I decided after 3 years to develop myself also into the technical direction. With the Bachelor of Technical Management (CCI), I have reached another goal in my career and I got the next chance to step in as Team Leader for Project Management.  I’m very proud to be part of the Nedschroef Group and I am looking forward to the next years and challenges.”



Projectmanager, Fraulautern, (Germany)

My name is Jannis Rothbrust. I am 23 years old and I reside in Illingen, Saarland, Germany. I achieved my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering last year at the ASW, a professional academy in Neunkirchen, Saarland. In my spare time, I am a voluntary member of the fire brigade, I go diving or I am riding my motorbike or the mountain-bike.

My connection to Nedschroef

After my college degree, I decided to do a dual course in mechanical engineering because I am very interested in technical areas. The professional academy is near to my village, hence my decision to study there. I searched on the website of the academy for companies that advertised a dual study program at this university, and found the company Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH. After my application, I was invited for an interview and a recruitment test and finally I got the job, which made me very happy. I began my studies in 2018 and graduated in 2021 with the highest grades of my class.



My current role within Nedschroef

Since my bachelor’s degree in 2021 I have been working as a project manager in a new department in Fraulautern. At the beginning as a project manager, I helped to introduce the “ISO 45001”, an occupational health and safety management system. Today I am working on requests for parts with a higher complexity (F2 and F3 parts) , in order to give them a quick quote and get a new order.The main challenge I am facing is that project management is restructured within Nedschroef Fraulautern and that this needs to be adapted into the workflow of the company. Another assignment is the certification of the “ISO 45001” in summer this year. I am excited to be able to help Nedschroef to get ready for the future.I really enjoyed my first year at Nedschroef. I met a lot of nice people in the company, and I liked my work and activities very much.  Another challenge for me was the transition from studying at university to an everyday work at the office, but my colleagues made this transition easier and helped me a lot.

Experience at Nedschroef

What I like best at Nedschroef is the collaboration with colleagues, the new challenges in my job and the diversity of my professional activities. I am happy to work in a company with a good atmosphere and a good teamwork. Furthermore, Nedschroef also offers their employees the opportunity to participate in events such as a company run or a summer party, which leads to a very good relationship among the employees and a positive company culture.

Development, support and possibilities

In the first year of my job as a project manager, we worked on the ISO 45001 standard which was an exciting learning project. Currently we are waiting on the certification. As a project manager, Nedschroef supports me by ways of trainings on project management and the ISO standardization procedures. According to this, my manager is not only a supervisor, but he helps getting started in the project management and is a good mentor who helps me to develop my soft skills.
At the moment, I want to focus on my job and gain more knowledge and experience. With the help of Nedschroef Academy, who offers a wide range of trainings, I am sure to achieve this goal. In the future I can also imagine stepping up to a leadership role, therefore Nedschroef offers different trainings and maybe I will have the opportunity to participate in the Corporate Development Program (CDP), a special program for young talent development.



Quality Services Engineer, Barcelona (Spain)

I have been working in the automotive industry for the last sixteen years and started at Nedschroef thirteen years ago as a quality engineer. My work is all about ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards. Among other things I analyze and verify the performance quality of products in addition to troubleshooting any errors or defects. I am also responsible for coordinating the after-sales process in close collaboration with all departments involved. It’s fascinating to see how quickly the automotive sector is changing to anticipate the needs of modern society. Thanks to this change my day to day tasks remain challenging and I continuously learn new things and develop my skills.



Allround Operator, Altena (Germany)

When Nedschroef acquired the company I was working at, I was able to continue my work as a production assistant. Since then I have had different roles within the company, leading up to my current position as an allround operator at the pressing department. Being an allround operator, I perform a wide range of activities for several departments within the company, wherever and whenever I am needed. This variation aspect is one of the things I like most about my job. I also find it very interesting that I have a job in the automotive industry at a company that is renowned worldwide, and I love the fact that I work so closely with advanced technology. What I especially like at Nedschroef are the familial atmosphere, amazing team spirit, variety in product designs and opportunities offered in personal advancement. It is also great to experience that everyone from managers to apprentices are united and set common goals to achieve together.



Tool Provider, Barcelona (Spain)

I have been working at Nedschroef since 1997. At that time, my father, uncle, cousin and brother were already working at Nedschroef. I would join them during the summer months, while I was still completing my education. After graduating, I started working the threading and tapping machine, after which I worked in various other departments such as logistics and heat treatment. Currently, I work at the tooling department. Twenty-three years ago, I started out by preparing orders and now I focus on buying tools. I find my job really interesting since I get to learn about various materials, different kinds of tools, what they are used for and how they perform on machines. I am faced with challenges, for example when a tool breaks and I don’t know why. I am then required to investigate this further. Working at such a global company as Nedschroef offers the opportunity to learn new things. I for instance visited some factories belonging to the Nedschroef Group and learned more about how people work there.



Head of Performance Parts, Büren (Germany)

I began working in the automotive industry in 2008, when I started out as a student employee. Furthermore, I have been a race driver and instructor ever since 1993, so you could say that my passion became my profession. At the beginning of 2011 I was in charge of the suspension development for the Porsche 918 and later that year I started working full-time on all kinds of projects. Since then I have been responsible for all proprietary products of our company. My work is all about focusing on the best possible quality of our parts, adding innovative touches and designing high-end functional solutions. I love the fact that I am in charge of the whole development process of our products, from the first drafts on a blank sheet of paper to the final product on all types of racing cars and future mobility projects.



R&D Engineer, Plettenberg (Germany)

I have been working at Nedschroef Plettenberg since 2010. My professional career began with a combined studies Bachelor of Engineering for which I completed an apprenticeship at Nedschroef as an industrial mechanic while studying mechanical engineering during the weekends. In my two years of training, I learned a lot about the company’s production departments and metallurgy. After my apprenticeship, I continued working at Nedschroef in various other departments, such as quality engineering, production planning and control, and R&D. I completed my studies in the summer of 2015 and have been working in the development department ever since. Now, I deal with requests, feasibility studies, preparation of drawings, tool designs and finite element method simulations daily. Next to this this I am also responsible for the apprentices in mechanical engineering that currently work at Nedschroef Plettenberg.



Customer Logistics Specialist, Barcelona (Spain)

I began working at Nedschroef Barcelona in 1987 as a receptionist. In 1990 I grasped the opportunity to work at the raw material department, supporting the planning and drawing of wire. After another three years I started working at the logistics department and that is where I have remained ever since. At first, I primarily serviced customers in Spain, but after a few years I specialized in supplier logistics in general. I have continued working in this specialization for the last seventeen years. The relationships with suppliers and the planning of production are my main focus. All these years I have loved working at Nedschroef, mostly due to my colleagues with whom I get along very well. Next to this, I also enjoy speaking with suppliers very much. With some of them I have a long history. What I especially like when I am looking at the company is the great development of our plant over the last years. I am really proud of everything that we have achieved through combined effort.


Dual Student Electrical Engineering, Altena (Germany)

For my family and friends, it has not been a surprise that I study electrical engineering. Due to my father being an electrical machine builder, my interest has already been raised to technical topics in my early childhood. During high school, I decided to work at a machine maintenance company that repaired machines for Nedschroef Altena at that time. I first got in touch with Nedschroef when they sent an electrical engineer to my previous company because they didn’t have one. The engineer suggested to do an internship at Nedschroef Altena, which I finished in winter of 2016. When I started my dual studies, I was hoping to first of all have a well working team that supports me but also be able to combine my studies with my job. Right away I noticed that time management will be a challenge to me, but I am very happy that I have been put in a very cooperative and harmonious team. During my study time I have noticed a huge change in my effectivity while maintaining our machines. Therefore I am very content with decreasing my time needed from localizing a problem until I solved it. In addition, I am very interested in all of our projects that require a lot from me every day. Currently we are working on standardizing our repairing processes which demands a lot of technological knowledge and patience from me and my team. During our maintenance processes, our biggest priority is to keep our employees safe. Therefore we have to ensure that the machines we repaired do not have any further defects that could threaten the people working on them. Throughout my working periods at Nedschroef Altena, I have developed a special interest for electrical drive technology, which is what I primary want to do after finishing my studies. Looking at my job and what keeps me going, my greatest motivation is my team and my working environment. We cooperate as one and support each other wherever we can.