We have the know-how and resources to innovate in our field of expertise.

Yet, each partner throughout the value chain and every association connected to it has its own unique set of capabilities. That is why most of the time we do not innovate in isolation but cultivate a collaborative ecosystem which includes and combines many of them.

This means we develop our solutions in close collaboration with our customers, to ensure we meet their every requirement. At the same time, we trust in the quality of the resources provided by our suppliers. In parallel, we join forces with external technology companies by sharing knowledge and expertise to devise the most innovative solutions.


Research and development

Anticipating the future needs of our customers is an essential part of what we do and continues to define us as pioneers. Our research and development experts focus on innovation pathways and the development of new materials, products and processes.

Future mobility

Global trends like urbanization and digitalization are radically reshaping mobility as we know it, and every business in this industry along with it. Early recognition of these trends is therefore an essential part of maintaining our status as an industry pioneer.