Product applications

Over the years we have developed a variety of multifunctional fasteners. Combined with carefully selected third party products we can offer a solution to many known fastening challenges. Find the right product solution here.

Thermoplastics fastening

  • Delta PT®: Screw for fixing thermoplastics

Sheet metals fastening

  • Metflow: Screw with self-piercing and thread-forming properties
  • Ticnut®: Clinch nut for fastening thin sheet metals without pre-pierced holes
  • Xprimo: Solid punch rivet for fastening different types of sheet metal without pre-pierced holes


  • Nedtite: Screw with counter-thread-forming feature

Easy alignment fastening

  • Nedpoint ES: Screw with self-aligning feature

Low-weight fastening

  • Nedstar ES: Bolt with space and weight-saving properties
  • Nedlite: Aluminum bolt with heat and corrosion-resistance properties

Clamp load measurement

  • Nedsonic: Bolt with clamp load measurement functionality

Anti-loosening protection

  • Nedlock®: Nut with full metal locking feature
  • Durlok®: Metric hex bolt with self-locking and anti-vibration properties
  • Verbus Ripp®: Screws and nuts with self-locking feature for sensitive surfaces
  • Verbus Tensilock®: Screws and nuts with self-locking feature