Process engineering

How aircraft parts need to be manufactured exactly, is prescribed in detail in the regulations set out by aviation regulatory bodies. Nonetheless, we are continuously investing in research and development to challenge existing production methods and improve productivity wherever possible.

Better value
Next to mass producing metal parts, we also develop and build next-generation metal forming machines. In our aviation research and development activities we leverage the combination of these two core competencies to develop new processes. This results in faster production rates, increasing the added value and lowering the costs of aircraft components.

Industry advancement
Just as important as research and development, is the dissemination and application of new findings through standardization. Firstly, because using standards helps safeguard the thousands of people who travel by air everyday. In addition, it brings cost savings and makes available specialist knowledge throughout the aviation industry. Therefore, we gladly participate in standards work by being an active member of institutes including the German DIN and BDLI, as well as the Belgian ASD-STAN.