Today, we are the leading global fastener supplier for the mobility industry.

It’s an industry that fits our ambition like a glove, perhaps now more than ever due to the impactful changes it is undergoing. Changes that require relationships, connecting knowledge and ambition. That is why we, together with our business partners, continuously focus on adding value with our advanced solutions.


We believe our increasingly connected world deserves smarter connections.

Human and technical connections are going hand-in-hand today and will do so even more in the future. Creating solutions which are practical and derived in a smart way is our way of working. Forming these ideas and connections smarter using the intelligence and flexibility of our employees also helps to increase efficiency. Besides smarter products we are constantly striving to form, maintain and improve our relations, and thus connections with all our stakeholders.


We want to advance the mobility industry by connecting our engineering, entrepreneurship and efficiency talents.

Powered by entrepreneurship we are driven to create smarter solutions, even if the need is latent, by connecting our talented people with all their unique skills. With strong engineering capabilities at the heart of our company, we deliver efficiency to our stakeholders time and again. Our secret: Always connecting forward.

Our values are the foundation of our daily business.

We are working every day to maximize the value we add to our customers’ processes. We’re doing this guided by four important core values, namely entrepreneurship, trust, collaboration and innovation. These give direction to what we do.


We have always been powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. It has helped us grow our heritage and reinvent our company when circumstances asked for it. With industries changing at an accelerating pace, effectively addressing our entrepreneurship, being optimistic towards opportunities and focussing on how we can improve collectively, is critical to our future success. Yet, we are entrepreneurial in what we can influence only and take calculated risks.


Trust is something we have built over the decades and, as a company, must continually earn. For that, we need to deliver what we promise, time and time again. Reliability creates trust, and as we never take that trust for granted, we communicate transparently, honestly and openly from the very first encounter. We also treat all our employees, customers and partners with equal respect, by demonstrating courtesy and politeness, listening actively and showing empathy.


We are all connected and a part of the greater community. We know that for us to be able to take on challenges and turning ideas into smart solutions, we need people with the right set of skills and a cooperative mindset. We therefore support and encourage collaboration among our employees, customers and partners as we believe it is the key to driving performance. By working together agile and in partnerships, our people will take us successfully into the future.


Changing industries, new high-tech materials, digitalization and strict environmental laws demand innovation like never before. We innovate our products and services to be the best possible partner to our customers and truly help them advance. This in turn, means we look at business with an open mind and listen to the ideas of others. We welcome transformation as this is how we keep up with, or ahead of, change and how we will continue to thrive in the future.