Future mobility

It is at the heart of our mission to help advance mobility manufacturers to the future.

In the future, our ways of transportation are predicted to be disrupted like never before. While this is causing many of our customers to rethink their business models, they can count on our innovations to support their transformation.

With the rising emergence of autonomous vehicles and alternative powertrains, car manufacturers are facing the challenge to deliver products with ever more advanced features. This drives the demand for more complex parts, made of lighter materials, without compromising reliability. That is exactly where our expertise in engineering, production and logistics comes into play.

As we can support customers at every stage in their design and manufacturing process, we like to challenge them to approach us with ideas. Whether you ask us to develop and construct a lightweight frame or suspension system, come up with inventive battery fixation solutions or perform the complete design and assembly of a vehicle, we are fully equipped to bring any future mobility concept to life.

Partnering with a variety of technical universities, scientific institutes and parts manufacturers, we have a wide network across all areas of manufacturing technology. This puts us at the forefront of innovation and helps us anticipate future mobility applications.