Full service provision

Being more than a manufacturer of fasteners and other cold formed metal parts, we can help you streamline your supply chain processes and effectively align them with your overall business strategy.

The cost of a fastener is only a small part of the total costs in fastening.

The other costs come from development, procurement, testing, warehousing, assembly and logistics. That is why we provide flexible value-added services that help to reduce the total cost of ownership of C-parts like fasteners.

One single source for everything related to your C-parts

We serve to develop and implement C-parts management solutions that drive value and decrease costs throughout your supply chain. Key to that is minimizing fragmentation and centralizing activities, as well as increasing visibility and reliability through the use of efficient and transparent EDI systems and RFID scanning.

We can take full responsibility for all C-parts you use in any platform, model or factory. For that, we offer you a broad spectrum of complementary modular services in the field of procurement, logistics and quality. Leveraging these creates opportunities for you to free up valuable resources and working capital.

Enhance your process and product with our C-parts engineering expertise.

Minimize the total cost of buying the C-parts you need.

Reduce the complexity of getting delivered your C-parts where you need them.

Be confident that your C-parts management is in safe hands.


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