Tuesday August 25 2015

Introducing the future - Nedform Hybrid Machines

We are proud to introduce Nedform Hybrid - state of the art electric direct drive technology with ultra-efficient mechanical kinematics in a perfect harmony. Optimally matched ‘The future is electric direct drive technology’ has been the motto at Nedschroef Machinery for several years. 

We have invested considerable resources, and with great success, in the development of electric direct drive modules for our Nedform range of formers. Advantages Neddrive technology So-called “Closed-loop Electric Drive’ technology allows excellent positioning accuracy and control at any speed. Backlash and elasticity have been eliminated from the drive train so the machine movements have an excellent level of static and dynamic stiffness, meaning consistent positioning and maximum long-term accuracy. Additionally it provides control actions for specific process requirements, calculates an error value as the difference between a measured and desired parameter and as a result adjusts the process automatically. Thanks to the contact-free transmission of power, electric drives are also practically wear free.


  • The shortest non-productive times thanks to ‘push- button’ reproducibility of proven machine settings:  Minimise product change-over-time - ideal for complex products and small batches
  • Maximum long-term accuracy:  Consistent positioning thanks to the elimination of elasticity in the drive train - ideal for complex precision parts
  • Maximum product quality:  Continuous control and adjusting of process parameters - ideal for material saving and extension of tool life thanks to continuous process monitoring
  • Highly efficient direct-drive technology:  Considerably reduced energy consumption
  • Low maintenance, minimal life cycle costs:  No mechanical transmission elements, no wear – ideal  for use in continuous production
  • Machine functionality control with 12 inch color touch screen and product-specific storage of all settings, minimizing down times and maximizing machine availability.


Nedschroef Machinery is the leading supplier of multi-station, cold, warm metal forming machines, and our latest innovation hybrid machines. Our service and investment support are in the capable hands of our equally driven sales team, which operates on a global scale.

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