Engineering of systems

Our customers include the world’s leading automotive and motorsport manufacturers and racing teams.

We provide our customers with advanced engineering services to support the realization of their development projects.

These can vary from designing a car component or modifying an existing vehicle to even conceiving a completely new transportation concept.

We assist our customers with a complete range of services throughout their entire product engineering process. Regardless of the stage from which we are involved, we support them in making their product ideas come to life. These customers include all our sites where our people combine our vehicle and system competence with component know-how.

We offer a depth of expertise and specialized equipment in qualification testing, allowing us to determine whether product designs qualify for production.

With our extensive range of inhouse manufacturing resources, we can turn product designs into fully functional prototypes. If desired, this process can then be extended to small series production of components or even complete vehicles.

You can rely on our expert assembly services to help finalize your projects.

We offer professional consulting services to customers striving to optimize their products. Examples of our specialties are reducing weight through using the right materials and increasing durability to boost performance.

We offer sourcing services to our customers to provide them with the highest quality of metal materials.


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