Material sourcing

We offer sourcing services to our customers to provide them with the highest quality of metal materials. Products crafted with these materials are lighter, more enduring and are performing better, delivering cost savings to our customers and end users.

All materials we offer to our customers are obtained directly from mills that also we ourselves use for producing our own parts. We always keep a vast range of these premium quality metals in stock to be able to quickly follow up on any request.

Aviation grade
We have partnerships with various aircraft manufacturers, as the materials we source are often developed for application in aviation engineering. They are used in the engine frames, landing gear and seat structures of planes varying from gliders and small propeller planes to private jets and double-engine six-seater aircraft. That is why you can rest assured that the materials we offer are of the highest class and quality.

Vehicle application
By making aviation grade material available for application in vehicles, we are delivering enhanced weight, endurance and performance benefits to companies in the automotive and motorsport industries.

In the world of racing these benefits can mean the difference between winning and losing. In using the materials we supply, our partners in motorsports can enjoy not only sustained success, but also exceptional driver safety.

The batteries and additional technological features in electric vehicles dramatically increase their heaviness. Our materials can help manufacturers to reduce weight, while maintaining strength and extending range.