Prototype and small series production

We have a lot of specialists, facilities, knowledge and experience in the field of design and manufacturing available in house. This translates into the ability to deliver prototypes and finished products in small series within an impressively short period of time.

Broad capabilities
Thanks to our extensive range of inhouse manufacturing resources, we can offer a substantial range of production techniques, including turning, milling, welding, grinding, hobbing and sparking.

For production techniques such as metal casting, plastic moulding, hot forging and composite fabrication we have a wide network of reliable manufacturing companies to support us. We supervise the complete process to ensure everything comes together smoothly, while you reap the benefits of working with just one main partner.

Design optimization
We complement our broad production capabilities with our engineering services, as a product design does not always include all the required technical data right from the start. Our product engineers add the missing details and optimize the design for prototyping or production.