Stamped and bended parts

Nedschroef has the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to form and bend metal parts into virtually any shape, for a wide range of applications. Our comprehensive services extend to providing valuable design insights during the early stages. Regardless of the complexity of the shape or the rigor of the application, we excel at outperforming cold forming techniques to develop solutions precisely tailored to your specific requirements without compromising on quality or durability. By seamlessly integrating connecting elements into the stamping process, we achieve the economical production of complex components.

Why Choose Nedschroef for Stamped and Bended Parts?

Our stamped and bent products streamline production processes and meet the most stringent application requirements, ultimately improving quality and reducing costs. Unlock the potential of your designs with die-cut and bent parts from Nedschroef. 

Discover our product range:

  • Threaded anchor plates
  • Brackets with pierced or welded nuts
  • Exhausts with washers
  • Dowels

Work with us to realize your visions efficiently and effectively, supported by manufacturing processes that meet industry standards and a commitment to excellence.